Here are some movies I like.

0. Master of the Flying Guillotine. By far the best kung fu movie ever, probably the best movie ever.

1. A.I. This movie is so great I can’t watch it. It makes me really consider whether building AI might be a bad idea. This movie is the most existentially depressing thing I’ve ever seen.

2. Aliens. Just super great from beginning to end.

3. Rocky III. So epic, this movie has so much awesome. Eye of the Tiger fool.

4. Inside Out. Best film about neuroscience ever made.

5. The Hangover. Funniest movie ever.

6. Goats Yelling Like People. Not really a movie but belongs on the list.

7. The Empire Strikes Back. This is the best of the bunch. Return of the Jedi and A New Hope were pretty good. The others were pretty terrible. I really didn’t like the most recent one, considering it was a remake of A New Hope. Did they think no-one had watched it?