In 2011 I had a full genome sequencing done by Illumina. Here are two files containing the results of that process.

In 2016, I participated in Illumina’s Understand Your Genome program. It was terrific. My entire full genomic sequence, and all of the analytics that were provided to me, are contained in this folder. So I have two full genome sequences here separated by five years. If anyone knows how to compare them that would be interesting.

I am releasing the genetic data in these files under a Creative Commons Public Domain License (CC0). You can read more about this license here:


An interesting part of the UYG package (I am unfortunately not allowed to post my login and password publicly due to stuff I signed with Illumina, but you can browse an example genome) is a browser-based tool for visualizing and self-discovery within my own genome. One of the many things you can do with this tool is search for what your variants are in cases where there is a suspected link between genotype and phenotype. If you go to SNPedia you can find the code names for some of these (they start with rs), enter them into the genomic browser, and you can see what variant you have. Neat!