I have done a lot of public speaking and interviews. Here are some.

Singularity 1-1 Interview August 20 2013. My favorite interview.

TECHVANCOUVER 2017: Super-intelligent Aliens are Coming to Earth!

FP Innovators: Dr. Geordie Rose

IdeaCity August 25 2015. Not a big fan of this one, I didn’t practice it and I lost the thread about halfway through. Practice kids!!!

Finding the Essence of an Object Using a Quantum Annealing Machine | Humanity+ @ Caltech 2010. Some interesting stuff in this one.

Building the First Quantum Computer May 2013. This was part of a promo series shot at D-Wave.

Natural Quantum Computation @ Google October 2010. Impromptu talk at the conference — Hartmut asked me to do it the night before.

Compressive sensing and semi-supervised learning using a D-Wave One.

The First Quantum Computer? A discussion with Larry Smarr @ Fire 2008.