I went to Riverdale High School in Pierrefonds, Quebec, and was lucky enough to be part of two really good programs: the wrestling team, and the North Shore Lions football team. The football team is one of the most successful high school football programs in Canada. The Lions have won 36 QBFL championships. I played for the Lions for two years, in 1987 and 1988. In 1987 I was the 40th person to make a 40 person roster — I made it literally on the last spot. I played defensive back, and rode the bench — I only actually played a few minutes each game. That year I won the team’s Most Improved Player award, mostly because I started off being really bad. I believe the reason they let me on the team in the first place was actually an event I remember pretty clearly. In tryouts we were doing a drill where two players start on the ground, and had to get up and one had to tackle the other. We had to do it until the tackler was successful. The first time I tried to tackle the guy I got absolutely smashed, like bell rung concussion type thing. The second time the same. The third time the same. This went on for about a dozen tries. I never tackled him. If I recall his name was Gord. I think the coaches were amused that I kept getting up. That 1987 team might be the best bantam football team ever in Canadian history — we outscored our opponents 610-10 over an 11-0 season, and there was at least one game I recall where we kept the other team to negative yardage for the whole game. I was number 42, which was the last number available on the defensive side.

In 1988, I played again, this time as defensive captain, and played outside linebacker. That year I got to pick my number first and I chose 42. I actually got to call all of the plays from the huddle, which was just about the most awesome thing I’ve ever had the opportunity to do in my whole life. The team won the QBFL championship again, not as dominant as 1987, going 10-1. In addition to the league championship, I won the QBFL Defensive Most Valuable Player award, which is still one of my fondest memories.


Unfortunately I grew up before cameras were invented so there isn’t a lot of video footage of my wrestling life. But here’s one. This was an important match at the time — I needed to win this to qualify for the CIAU championships. Usually that wasn’t a problem but in 1993 there was a lot of talent in this weight in Ontario.


Here is me somewhere around 2001-2005 on the beach with Wayne Weibe. I’m the one on the right with the awesome hair and yellow shorts.



Me winning the no-gi NAGA 2010 light heavyweight (190 pound) division at their ‘world championships’ in Newark.


Me winning the gi NAGA 2010 light heavyweight division at the same tournament. Champion of the lay-n-pray!!!



Here is me deadlifting 227.5kg in 2014. That’s 500 pounds god dammit!!!


On October 25 2015 I ran the Rock and Roll Oasis half marathon in Vancouver. My time was 2:10:10, placing 2413 out of 5003. Here are pictures from the race. This is me at the finish.


On January 24 2016 I ran the 2016 Chilly Chase half marathon in Vancouver. My time was 2:15:00. My objective was to not finish last, which was achieved (I was 99th out of 119).

On February 6 2016 I ran the Hypodermic Half marathon in Vancouver. My time was 2:10:41. This time I came 100/184 overall, and 19/22 in my category (male 40-49). Again not last!!! Although I did lose to a bunch of 60+ year olds. The tracking software for the race has some cool visualizations of results here.

On April 17 2016 I did the Sun Run in Vancouver. My time was 1:00:30.0, placing 10785/41133 overall, and 665/1667 in my category (male 40-44). Quite disappointed with my time… training for long distances doesn’t translate to being fast.

On May 1 2016 I ran the BMO Vancouver marathon. My time was 5:19:17, placing 3207/3871 (of the finishers), 1972/2329 of the men, and 259/291 of my category (M 40-44). Yes I know it’s slow, but I took it easy and felt fine at the end! Here are some pictures. And here I am finishing.


Here is some video footage of the race:

On February 4th 2017, I ran the Hypothermic Half marathon. The whole course was one giant snowbank. It was single file the whole way and the leaders had to stomp through knee deep snow to carve a path. My time was a personal worst 2:33:03, 103/155 people overall, and not last!!! Yey go Team Not Finish Last.

On February 19th 2017, I ran the Fort Langley Historic Half marathon. I was queued for the bathroom for like 20 minutes at the start and the line didn’t get there in time, and the race started, so no bathroom. I figured there would be opportunities on the course … nope, not even one. Not so great!!! It was also raining and cold but whatever. The worst part was there were A LOT of hills. This was the hardest half I’ve ever run. It seemed like the whole thing was steep uphill. A pretty terrible 2:21:33.4 for this one, coming 160 / 219. Here I am after the race: