Songs I Like

I love music of all kinds. Here are some songs I like.

0. Gor-Gor / GWAR. Gor-Gor comes and you must die.

1. Comfortably Numb / Pink Floyd. Come on, it’s time to go.

2. A Corpse Without Soul / Mercyful Fate. It’s hard to pick one Mercyful Fate song over the others. But I decided to go with this one. If you ever doubted wanting to become a satanic cultist, just listen to this a few dozen times. King Diamond and Mercyful Fate are seriously under-appreciated. Kind of like Lovecraft was obscure for a long time, then got picked up by pop culture, Mercyful Fate is some day going to be seen in hindsight as one of the greatest bands of all time.

3. WAR ENSEMBLE!!! / Slayer. Again it’s hard to pick one Slayer song, but WAR ENSEMBLE gets my vote. Note that you always need to fully capitalize WAR ENSEMBLE. You can add exclamation points after it, that’s ok. This is the song you want playing when you ride your War Wagon into battle. Listening to this WILL make you want to punch people in the pancreas. Crush your enemies!!!

4. Revelations / Iron Maiden. Same deal as 2 and 3, hard to pick a favourite Iron Maiden song. This one is off my #1 album of all time, Live After Death. Could have gone with several tracks off this album.

5. The Wrong Nigga To Fuck Wit / Ice Cube. Like I said, it’s a brand new payback.

6. Fade to Black / Metallica. I think this is my favourite Metallica song. But it’s a tough call.

7. My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend / Type O Negative. It’s no secret we’re close // as sweaty velcro // like latex, fur and feathers // stuck together. That freaky ass carnival music riff just kills me. RIP Petrus.

8. Love You to Death / Type O Negative. Yes two TON songs in the top 10. Black lipstick stains a glass of red wine. This one is a special song.

9. Don’t You Want Me / Human League. I played this about a million times at Kindred. I was using it as training data for some machine learning stuff. I loved it more every time I listened to it. Not so much my office mates. I really love 80s pop music. Something happened to music in the 90s and it never got back that 80s feel.

10. Famous Blue Raincoat / Leonard Cohen. Cohen is my favourite song writer. Famous Blue Raincoat is the happiest song ever written.

11. My Death / David Bowie. Written by Jacques Brel. Lots of different performances of this song but this is my favourite.

12. Sisters of Mercy / Leonard Cohen. Cohen wrote: “The Sisters Of Mercy were actually two young women that I met during a snow storm in Edmonton, Alberta. And they came to my Hotel Room and there was something oh, very agreeable about their company. And they had no place to stay and they fell asleep on my bed, and I stayed up and I remember there was a full moon. And I felt like having something to say to them when they woke up, and that was one of those rare and graceful occasions when I was able to write a song from beginning to end in the space of a few hours. And while they slept I worked on this song. And when they woke up I sang it to them. It was completely full and finished, and they liked it. Barbara and Lorraine were their names.”

13. Circle of the Tyrants / Celtic Frost. When videos started being a thing, there was a show called Power Hour on MuchMusic. I used to go over to my friend Lawrence Yane’s house and we would watch it. This was a favourite.

14. In my Darkest Hour / Megadeth. Pretty much a masterpiece of 80s metal awesomeness.

15. K is for Kompressor / Kompressor. If you don’t know, now you know.

16. So F***ing Pimp / Monzy. How pimp are you dog???? How pimp are you?

17. Starlight / Slash and Myles Kennedy.  Watch the whole concert.

18. Crack in the Egg Live!!! There is nothing, anywhere, that is more metal than this.

19. Soothsayer / Buckethead. While I don’t entirely get Buckethead (who does?) I still feel some kind of strange kinship with him.

20. The Sentinel / Judas Priest. Across his chest, in scabbards rest, the rows of throwing knives … whose razor points in challenge tests have finished many lives. So many questions.